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Ceremony to summarize the year 2018, celebrate the Spring of the Pig Period in 2019
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Ceremony to summarize the year 2018, celebrate the Spring of the Pig Period in 2019

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The last days of the old year are coming very close, to make room for the new spring time is about to knock on every door. Together with the busy atmosphere, on January 19, 2019, Minh Giang Co., Ltd. held the 2018 Closing Ceremony - Tet Holiday at Minh Giang - Dam Va Housing Project, Tien Phong Commune, District. Me Linh, Hanoi City, one of the projects invested by the Company.

Looking back on a past year, Minh Giang continues to develop and fulfill its mission but still has many difficulties and challenges. However, thanks to the 18-year experience of building with the spirit of solidarity, the efforts of each officer and employee; The trust of partners and agencies, departments / agencies, Minh Giang has also gained some commendable achievements.

At the closing ceremony, on behalf of the leadership, Chairman of the Members' Council and Director of the Company, Mr. Chu Phu Cuong summarized the achievements in 2018, sharing the goals and plans in 2019. Many individuals and departments with outstanding achievements in 2018 were honored. This is the recognition of the Board of Directors of the Company with the efforts of individuals and departments and also the motivation for each staff in Minh Giang to unite, continue to strive and build a large common house. strong.

Some memorable pictures in the closing ceremony of Minh Giang Company Limited